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Did you know that most babies will develop an unsightly bald spot?
Infant Hair ProtectorTM
Made of 100% Satin to Minimize Infant Balding

It is common for babies to develop an unsightly bald spot on the back of their head due to the considerable amount of time they spend lying on their back, but now there is a solution to help prevent infant baldness (baby bald spot).  The Infant Hair Protector is a headrest made of 100% satin and can be used in infant cribs, bouncers, swings, car seats, carriers, strollers and bassinets to help prevent infant baldness.  The soft satin material minimizes balding and breakage of your infant's hair.  The Infant Hair Protector will help your baby's hair to re-grow, while preventing further balding.

The Infant Hair Protector is the perfect gift for moms and expectant moms everywhere
who want to keep their babies looking their best!

Click here to learn more about what causes infant balding and how you can prevent it.

Colors: Blue, Cream and Pink

Price: $24.99 plus Shipping & Handling 



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